Mold Remediation And Playground Cleaning

Professional Cleaning & Disinfecting

Since playgrounds have not been open to the public, many of them have literally had the door shut in March and have not been looked at since. We have serviced a few customers and have found, 9 months later some concerning issues that I wanted to make you aware of.

  • MOLD! With the doors shut down and in many cases with air and heating turned off in the play area, along with condensation it has created an ideal condition for mold to grow. This is unsafe and if remediation does not occur in a timely manner the mold will be almost impossible to remove from porous surfaces.
  • DUST! 9 months of inactivity creates a lot of Dust build up on the exterior of your playground that needs to be addressed well before any reopening.
  • INSECT and SPIDER infestation! We have found spider webs in and throughout playgrounds since there has been no use or air circulating. We have also found many insects both alive and dead in the playground tunnels. These findings are not something you want your customers to see when you reopen to the public.
  • MICE! We have on more than one occasion found droppings and have seen mice scoot across the play area since it has not been being used. Some of the playgrounds have been used for storage and since there is no “in and out” interruption these little critters have found a place to nest.

We are here for you! We want to assist you in getting your playgrounds cleaned and ready for reopening! Do not wait to have your unit cleaned, disinfected, and brought back to sanitary conditions.


Mold Remediation
Mold Remediation
Mold Remediation


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