Playground Inspections

Professional Cleaning & Disinfecting

Having your playground inspected is critical if you have a playground that is open to public use. What you don’t know can hurt you and the children that utilize your playground. Good Clean Fun inspectors are CPSI certified and understand the current standards and requirements in the industry. Being proactive by having your playground inspected by a Nationally Certified Playground Safety inspector will help to ensure that your playground is safe and is compliant with all of the current regulations. Inspections include assessing any risks and hazards in the playground environment, assisting our clients with signage, creating a plan for the upkeep of the playground area, prioritizing repairs. GCF also offers playground accident investigations to assist our clients with making the playground safe and to help with potential legal questions. Who should have inspections done? Any playground that is open to the public should be inspected a minimum of once a year. Church playgrounds, neighborhood playgrounds, preschools, daycares, hotels, parks, and schools systems should all have a playground assessment and inspection done yearly to limit accidents. Inspections done by a CPSI certified inspector will limit your liability and give you peace of mind that your playground area is up to code!

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